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2015 Hino Brisbane Truck Show Press Kit



Hino Australia has continued the celebrations marking its 50th anniversary in Australia at the Brisbane Truck Show.

The Hino stand was opened to the media and general public following a ceremonial birthday cake-cutting and a speech from Hino Australia Chairman and CEO Steve Lotter outlining Hino's achievements, innovative high-quality products and the strong relationships formed during its 50 years in the country.

The latest addition to Hino's model line-up - The 500 Series FE Auto in new wheelbase variants - made its first major public appearance on the Hino stand.

The FE Auto was launched in response to growing customer demand for 'two pedal' trucks. An FM 2630 Auto was also on display.

Hino's popular 300 Series light duty models were represented by a 716 Hybrid, a 717 Crew Tipper and a 921 Auto fitted with a range of Hino Genuine accessories.

The 716 Hybrid on display came from the TNT Australia fleet - which operates the largest hybrid truck fleet in Australia with a total of 54 vehicles. The 921 Auto is the safest and most powerful light duty truck on the market, while the 717 Crew Tipper showcased just one example of Hino's ever-popular Built to Go models.

The 700 Series range was represented on the stand by an FS 2848 ProShift 16 AMT tipper.

The accessorised 921 Auto demonstrated the value of two innovative new Hino Genuine accessories.

The Hino Lane Change Visual Assist system enhances driver awareness of the vehicle's potential blind spots on either side when changing lanes. It displays the side view images on the multimedia unit when the turning indicator is applied.

The Hino DVR dash cam with 5.0 megapixel front camera and 2.0 megapixel rear camera records driving footage in high definition with two channels. It is Android/iOS supported, and also features a digital zoom and parking monitoring.

Hino's stand also featured a vintage Hino KL 300 from 1970, providing an example of the durability of Hino trucks going back to the earliest vehicles sold in the country.

The KL 300 has covered over 1.6 million kilometres in its lifetime while remaining in good condition. It is equipped with an EC 100 engine that develops 88kW and 298Nm of torque.

Hino's 'One Toyota' alliance was also acknowledged with the addition of a Huski skid-steer loader and a Toyota forklift from Toyota Material Handling equipment.


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Hino Australia's 50th Anniversary year is being marked by promotions and product updates that celebrate Hino's achievements, innovative products and the strong relationships formed with its customers.

Hino kicked off its birthday celebrations with the release of a video featuring a long-term, high profile customer - Kennards Hire.

Additional activities included celebrations at the Brisbane Truck Show and the release of a commemorative badge for trucks sold during the year.

Hino Australia Chairman and CEO Steve Lotter said none of the company's success and long-term relationships with its customers over the past half-century would have been achieved without offering a strong product right from the beginning.

"For 50 years Hino has been providing quality trucks and buses to the Australian market," Mr Lotter said.

"From the first bus sold in 1965 to the introduction of the first hybrid truck which was made available in Australia in 2007, the durability and reliability of our trucks and buses has been legendary.

"This continues today, and our offerings in the 300 Series light duty, 500 Series medium duty and 700 Series heavy duty lines inherit these qualities while offering levels of safety, performance, efficiency and comfort that you'd expect from a progressive, Toyota-affiliated truck company."

Kennards Hire is a long-term Hino partner that runs a diverse rental and delivery fleet, with a large proportion of Hino 300 and 500 Series models.

The video features three generations of the Kennard family, beginning with owner Andy Kennard telling son Angus about the origins of the family-owned business.

"The video illustrates what has made Hino successful in the past, and what will ensure further success in the future," Mr Lotter said.

To view Hino - Delivering from One Generation to the Next go to


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Hino has fitted one of its vehicles at the Brisbane Truck Show with innovative new Hino Genuine accessories that boost safety levels and add peace of mind for drivers.

The 300 Series 921 Auto is equipped with the Hino Lane Change Visual Assist system and The Hino DVR (digital video recorder) dash cam. Both accessories were released on the Australian market this year.

The Lane Change Visual Assist system consists of cameras mounted on both sides of the truck body that display a rearward view on the multimedia display when the driver uses the turn indicator.

The system increases safety by providing a clear view of the left and right side of the truck, eliminating rear-view blind spots.

The Hino DVR dash cam can help avoid disputes about driving incidents by recording events as they occur.

It features a 5.0 megapixel front camera and a 2.0 megapixel rear camera, and records driving footage in high definition with two channels.

It is Android/iOS supported, and also features a digital zoom and parking monitoring.

The Lane Change Visual Assist system and DVR dash cam are the latest additions to a growing line-up of Hino Genuine accessories.

Other Hino Genuine accessories released this year include Hino Genuine Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) designed to help prevent accidents by increasing vehicle visibility during daylight hours.

The DRLs turn on automatically when the ignition is switched on and are overridden when regular headlights are activated.

Additional illumination is also available in the form of Hino Genuine LED Driving Lights, which offer high power five-watt LEDs activated by a dashboard switch.

To enhance the drive experience for music lovers, a Hino Genuine Speaker Upgrade is available to complement the Hino multimedia system by providing superior sound quality.

The plug and play upgrade kit features three-way coaxial speakers with a 210W peak power rating.


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Hino Australia has added four new 500 Series FE Auto models to its growing line-up of 'two pedal' options to give drivers and fleet operators a greater choice of transmissions.

The Hino range includes full automatic transmissions as well as its ProShift automated manual transmission (AMT) on selected models in its 300, 500 and 700 Series ranges.

The Hino ProShift AMT and full automatic transmission models provide favourable fuel economy and increased durability for drivers with limited manual transmission experience.

Additionally, both transmissions help reduce fatigue in heavy traffic conditions for drivers of all experience levels.

Hino Australia Chairman and CEO Steve Lotter said the additional automatic transmission models in the Hino range meet growing market needs.

"There is increasing demand for vehicles suitable for servicing the metropolitan and outer-urban delivery routes, and our automatic and ProShift AMT-equipped models add another dimension of safety, performance, efficiency and comfort to our already well appointed light, medium and heavy duty ranges," Mr Lotter said.

"The increase in demand for two-pedal transmission vehicles also coincides with more drivers being unwilling or unable to use manual transmissions, as well as the constant need for owners and operators to reduce maintenance and fuel costs."

The Hino 500 Series FE 1426 Auto models are equipped with an Allison 2500 series five-speed torque converter automatic transmission.

Hino selected the transmission because of its compatibility with the Hino 6.4-litre five-cylinder engine's power and torque characteristics, as well as its suitability for highway and city driving.

Additionally, the 2500 series five-speed was chosen in recognition of Allison Transmission's proven reputation for durable, efficient and user-friendly products.

The transmission features lock-ups on each forward gear. A toggle switch mounted on the gear shift tower allows the driver to choose between the economy mode, which is programmed to operate in the engine's most efficient RPM range for increased efficiency and driveability, or the power mode which maximises the vehicle's performance with the transmission shift points to allow the engine to deliver all of its segment-leading performance.

The torque converter allows drivers to accelerate from standstill and change gears without the risk of damaging the clutch or gearbox that can happen with a manual transmission, while providing seamless acceleration and gear changes.

The FE 1426 Auto's torque converter automatic transmission links with a column-stalk operated exhaust brake that, when activated, works with the transmission shift programs to select the optimum gear for maximum engine braking efficiency.


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Hino Australia has boosted the versatility and appeal of its 500 Series medium duty truck range with the addition of new long-wheelbase variants of the FE 1426 Auto.

Combining an Allison automatic transmission with the Hino J07E-TN engine has created an FE that is accessible to a wider range of drivers while being capable of doing the work of a larger vehicle.

The 500 Series FE 1426 Auto's 6.4-litre five-cylinder engine generates a class-leading 191kW and 794Nm from 1500rpm, for superior performance and carrying capacity.

The Allison 2500 series transmission uses five forward speeds and features a torque converter with lock-up clutch.

Hino chose the transmission because it meets its stringent quality, durability and reliability requirements while offering smooth, user-friendly drive characteristics and the ability to maintain optimum engine speeds for increased efficiency.

The 500 Series FE 1426 Auto has a GVM of 14 tonnes and is able to carry payloads previously reserved for larger vehicles in a more agile and economical package.

It is available in single cab configuration in short, medium, long and extra-long wheelbases ranging from 3750 to 5500mm.

The 500 Series FE 1426 Auto also comes with the safety and comfort features the 500 Series is known for, including the ISRI 6860 driver's seat with integrated safety belt, ergonomically designed cabin, ABS brakes, SRS driver's airbag and ECE-R29 crash safety compliance.

Hino Australia Chairman and CEO Steve Lotter said the launch of the 500 Series FE 1426 Auto demonstrates Hino's commitment to offering greater choice in its products, and is an important part of the brand's push for automatic transmission models.

"The market has been demanding more 'two pedal' options in light and medium duty truck lines, and Hino has responded with an increased number of automatic transmission choices," Mr Lotter said.

"The 500 Series FE Auto brings a very well rounded package to the market and allows fleets access to a larger pool of drivers thanks to its automatic transmission.

"It also has the potential to cut down on gearbox maintenance that may be required with drivers who are less experienced with a manual transmission.

"The 500 Series FE Auto is what we like to call a 'smart truck' as it is capable of carrying payloads usually reserved for our FG and GH models, but in a lighter, more nimble and cost-effective package.

"We believe it is the right truck for this sector of the Australian truck market, and we expect it to do great things for Hino and our customers," Mr Lotter said.


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