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2014 Hino Melbourne International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show Press Kit



Hino is showcasing a collection of its trucks at Melbourne's International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show (ITTES), ranging from a new, more powerful version of its car licence 300 Series light duty models to the 72-tonne 700 Series heavy duty prime mover and Rigid truck models.

Hino Australia Product Planning Manager Daniel Petrovski said the trucks on display at ITTES will demonstrate the brand's core values of safety, performance, efficiency and comfort.

"The Hino stand will have seven trucks in total, including a newly launched model and a milestone motorsport truck that has seen some serious action," Mr Petrovski said.

Light duty truck, medium duty power

The new 'High Horsepower' versions of Hino's 300 Series trucks are being revealed to the media and general public, with both 921 Auto single cab TradeAce and 921 Auto crew cab chassis models available for viewing.

"The High Horsepower models bring even more performance and capability to the popular 300 Series range," Mr Petrovski said.

"The availability of the Hino J05 engine will provide customers with the most powerful light duty truck in Australia, coupled with a revised chassis providing improved carrying capacity and new wheelbases."

The High Horsepower 300 Series is also available in six-speed manual transmission guise as the 920, alongside the 921's six-speed automatic transmission.

Dakar Rally

Hino's high performance gets an even bigger representation at ITTES this year, with the inclusion of its 2011 Dakar Rally-conquering 500 Series truck.

"The Dakar truck is a true performance standout," Mr Petrovski said.

"Its 170km/h top speed makes it the fastest Hino at the show and the additional race modifications that have been carried out helped it conquer some incredibly tough conditions in South America," Mr Petrovski said.

The rally truck is a milestone vehicle for Hino as the 2011 edition marked the 20th time the brand had competed in the iconic event.

Medium duty

Hino will also have on its stand the road-going truck with the most in common with the Dakar race truck, the 500 Series GT 1322 4x4.

The GT 1322 features a 215HP (158kW) six-cylinder turbocharged engine with 637Nm of torque and selectable 4x4 with high and low range gearing.

"The common platform and base specifications mean the GT 1322 has similar performance traits and the go-anywhere ability of the Dakar truck but with much more efficiency and comfort, with features like the ISRI 6800 driver's seat that is perfect for day-to-day driving," Mr Petrovski said.

The GT 1322 also comes with safety features like driver's SRS airbag, ECER29 cab strength compliance and the option of ABS brakes.

The 500 Series FD 1124 ProShift 6 Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) model will show a different side of Hino's medium duty 500 Series truck range.

The ProShift 6 AMT was designed by Hino to combine the favourable fuel economy and durability of a manual transmission with the ease-of-operation of an automatic.

It also features safety and comfort features like driver's SRS airbag, traction control and ABS brakes as standard, ISRI 6860 driver's seat, and digital DAB+ and AM/FM radio with CD/DVD player and hands-free Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity.

Heavy duty

At the heavy duty end of the Hino range lies the 700 Series, and the SS 700 2848 ProShift 16 Air High Roof model on display at ITTES highlights a number of Hino's technological strengths.

"Much like the ProShift 6 in the FD 1124, the 700 series' ProShift 16 AMT reduces driver fatigue while providing the operator with reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs," Mr Petrovski said.

"This is of great benefit while driving a heavy duty truck like the 700 Series, and it reinforces Hino's core values of safety, performance, efficiency and comfort."


The 300 Series 716 Hybrid represents Hino's range of highly efficient diesel-electric Hybrid trucks that are the world-leader in commercial Hybrid technology.

Hino's expertise in hybrid engine technology is well documented. After launching the first hybrid truck in Australia in 2007 it has drawn on technology jointly developed within the Toyota Group of Companies to provide benefits including reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

The Hino hybrid system was refined in 2011 as part of a full 300 Series redesign.


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Hino has given its 300 Series light duty truck range a boost by adding eight new models with even greater performance along with Hino's market-leading safety, efficiency and comfort features.

Known as the 'High Horsepower' models, the new Hino 300 Series 920 and 921 feature more powerful engines and a revised chassis for bigger payloads and market-leading performance.

The 300 Series 921, with six-speed true automatic transmission, is now easily the most powerful truck in its class and is the first light duty truck in Australia to break the magical 200Hp rating.

Its JO5E five-litre four-cylinder intercooled turbo-diesel engine delivers over 200Hp (205Hp/151kW) and teams high power with a medium duty truck-like 600Nm of torque.

The 920 has a six-speed manual transmission and delivers 190Hp (139kW) and 510Nm.

The engines deliver their torque in a flat, linear fashion which results in an unrivalled combination of driveability and efficiency.

Available in both single and crew cab configurations, the High Horsepower 300 Series models provide capacity for larger towing capability and bigger payloads thanks to a new, wider, straight-frame chassis featuring stronger steel rails and a grid hole design that allows for easier installation of bodies and auxiliary items.

The High Horsepower models are equipped with the same comfort features and class-leading safety equipment as the rest of the 300 Series range, with vehicle stability control, dual SRS airbags, magnetically suspended driver's seat and 6.1-inch multi-media systems as standard equipment.

Externally, the new High Horsepower models are differentiated from the rest of the 300 Series by a slightly tougher stance, their 920 and 921 badges and eye-catching chrome grille and bumper accent.

Hino Australia Product Planning Manager Daniel Petrovski said that the addition of the High Horsepower models takes the Hino 300 Series to new heights in the light truck category.

"The new models considerably boost the performance and application suitability of the 300 Series range," Mr Petrovski said.

"It's not just the most powerful light-duty Hino has released in Australia, it's the most powerful light truck to be sold into the Australian market.

"Customer acceptance of the current 300 Series has been very positive, and we expect the 920 and 921 models to increase the range's already broad appeal."


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One of Hino's Dakar Rally category-dominating four-wheel drive 500 Series trucks will be a drawcard for motorsport fans at the 2014 International Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show.

The Hino Team Sugawara truck is one of a pair specially prepared for the 2011 event, which covered a gruelling 9500km across Argentina and Chile and marked the 20th time Hino competed at the intensely competitive event.

It was driven to second place in the Under 10-litre class by co-driver Hiroyuki Sugiura and Dakar legend Yoshimasa Sugawara, who holds the record for Dakar finishes with 20 consecutive rallies completed between 1989 and 2009 and 34 in total.

First place in the Under 10-litre class in 2011 was claimed by Yoshimasa's son Teruhito and co-driver Seiichi Suzuki, in another modified 500 Series Hino.

The Hiroyuki Sugiura/Yoshimasa Sugawara truck also took third in the now-defunct Production class, and 13th overall in the truck division.

The two Hino 500s were part of a field of 69 trucks in the 2011 event, along with 181 motorcycles, 33 quads and 146 cars.

The Hino rally truck has an eight-litre turbocharged/intercooled engine which delivers more than 260HP, a six-speed direct-drive transmission with a secondary transmission and two-speed transfer, and hits a top speed of 170km/h.

Special features include large wheels and tyres, modified suspension with Reiger Racing dampers, six supplementary HID driving lamps and a central tyre inflation system (enabling adjustment to suit road surface conditions while the vehicle is on the move).

The cabin has bucket seats with five-point racing harnesses and a 70mm-diameter roll cage and special navigation instruments.

It is wrapped in a bespoke aluminium body made by Tsuboi to improve aerodynamics, with additional fuel tanks and space for two spare tyres.

Side panels provide access to tools and an air jack, and the three Nippon Light Metal fuel tanks have a total capacity of 650 litres.

Hino Team Sugawara has competed at all Dakar Rallys since 1991, with recent results including class placings of first and third in 2012, first and fourth in 2013 and first and second in 2014.

This year's one-two result was also Hino Team Sugawara's fifth successive class victory.

The team has earmarked the 2015 Dakar to claim a top-10 overall position while maintaining its class dominance.


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Hino 300 Series 921 High Horsepower cab chassis
Hino 300 Series 921 High Horsepower cab chassis
Hino 300 Series 921 High Horsepower cab chassis
Hino 300 Series 921 High Horsepower Crew Cab chassis
Hino in action at 2011 Dakar Rally
Hino in action at 2011 Dakar Rally
Hino 500 Series 1322 GT 4x4
Hino 500 Series 1322 GT 4x4
Hino 500 Series ProShift AMT
Hino 500 Series FM 2632
Hino 500 Series FC 1022 Tipper
Hino 700 Series SS 2848 High Roof
Hino 300 Series Hybrid
Hino 300 Series 917
2013 Hino Dakar Rally video
Hino Global Brand video
Hino Hybrid video
Hino VSC video