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2012 Hino ProShift 6 Press Kit



Hino Motor Sales Australia has released the production version of its new ProShift automated manual transmission (AMT), fitted to selected variants of its 500 Series medium-duty truck range.

The new six-speed fully automated manual transmission - named "ProShift 6" - is initially available as an option on FC1022 and FD1124 variants of the Hino 500 Series.

The Hino designed and manufactured ProShift 6 transmission has been developed to combine the favourable fuel economy and durability of a manual transmission with automatic transmission ease-of-operation.

ProShift 6-equipped models feature a two-pedal only driveline - there is no clutch pedal - with mechanical clutch operation controlled by the on-board computer and shift actuator.

According to Hino Australia, the ProShift 6 automated manual transmission can deliver operators a fuel consumption reduction of 10-15 per cent when compared with an identical vehicle fitted with a torque-converter type automatic transmission.

Hino Australia Divisional Manager Product Strategy, Marketing and Dealer Development, Alex Stewart, said Hino has developed the ProShift transmission line in response to the emerging needs of medium-duty truck operators in Australia.

"Hino's Australian operation, in conjunction with Hino Motors Limited Japan, conducted extensive research, engineering development and durability evaluation prior to launching the ProShift 6 transmission locally," Mr Stewart said.

"By 2015 we are expecting automated manual transmission and torque-converter type automatic transmission equipped models (combined) to account for more than 40 per cent of all medium duty trucks sold in Australia.

"Operators are trending towards these transmissions as metropolitan and outer-urban delivery route congestion grows.

"Hino's ProShift range eases fatigue by reducing the impact of heavy traffic on the driver while providing the operator with the benefit of reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs," he said.

Hino now offers AMT variants of all three categories of trucks in Australia - in addition to the ProShift 6-equipped FC and FD 500 Series variants, 300 Series Hybrid models are fitted with the ProShift 5 AMT and 700 Series models can be optioned with a ProShift 16 transmission.

The addition of the ProShift AMT also completes a 500 Series transmission trifecta - manual transmissions, torque-converter automatic transmissions and AMTs can be optioned on selected variants in the 500 Series range.

Mr Stewart said Hino engineers had made a number of significant upgrades to the ProShift 6 transmission in readiness for Australian operation.

"Australian versions of the FC and FD are more likely to be operated over a variety of routes - from metropolitan to highway - compared with overseas markets where this class of truck is usually not operated on longer routes," he said.

"Engineers have developed the Australian version for maximum durability and efficiency at all road speeds, utilising a unique final drive ratio, and optimised computer shift control.

"Australian versions are also fitted with a larger-capacity oil sump for hot and heavy conditions.

"ProShift technology has been developed and proven in the Japanese domestic market over the last 10 years - and we're particularly pleased to be able to provide our Australian customers with yet another Hino innovation that will benefit their operation," he said.


For further information contact:

Alex Stewart - Divisional Manager Product Strategy, Marketing & Dealer Development
Hino Motor Sales Australia
T 02 9914 6680
F 02 9540 3554
M 0406 384 126

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The ProShift 6 automated manual transmission (AMT) is a fully automated version of Hino's own LX 06S conventional manual transmission.

It features a conventional 350mm diameter single dry-plate clutch for maximum durability and long-life operation.

The ProShift 6 has six forward gears and one reverse, with syncromesh fitted on 2nd to 6th gears.

The clutch and shifting of the transmission is operated by a computer-controlled hydraulic/air actuator, with no input required from the driver (when driven in "D" mode as indicated on the shift lever).

The vehicle has only two pedals (it is not fitted with a clutch pedal) and is driven in the same fashion as a normal torque-converter type automatic transmission.

The ProShift 6 is equipped with a sequential shift option, allowing the driver to manually select and hold gears using the "+" or "-" gate on the gear selector.

A "SLOW" mode can be actuated using a switch beside the gear shifter, limiting engine speed to approximately 550 RPM. This function is particularly useful for close manoeuvring (for example, when docking at a loading bay).

SLOW mode is different to "creeping" mode fitted to some automatic transmissions - a ProShift-equipped truck will not move without throttle input from the driver.

All FC and FD variants are fitted with the Hino "EasyStart" hill hold assist, which holds the truck's brakes until the engine and transmission begin to drive the vehicle forward, preventing any roll-back when the driver lifts their foot off the brake pedal.

The ProShift 6 is mated to Hino's J07E five-cylinder common-rail turbo-diesel engine, which has been refined to provide maximum torque delivery between 1000 and 2400 engine RPM.

The J07E is rated at 162kW (ISO net) (FC variant) and 176kW (ISO net) (FD variant), with peak power achieved at 2400 engine RPM.

At 100km/h, the engine is operating at approximately 2240 RPM (6th gear), with the engine producing maximum torque.

A rear diff ratio of 4.625:1 provides a theoretical maximum road speed of 121km/h.

To maximise reliability and durability in Australian conditions, a larger seven-litre oil sump and cooler is fitted to FC and FD variants.

ProShift 6 AMT specifications

Model: CS-350 series
Type: Dry single plate with damper springs
Facing material: Moulded (non-asbestos)
Facing outside diameter: 350mm
Control: Hydraulic with air booster controlled by transmission

ProShift 6 Automated Manual Transmission
Model: LX 06S Overdrive
Type: Six forward and one reverse speeds, synchromesh on 2nd to 6th
Control: Electronic
Rear axle gear ratio: 4.625:1
1st: 6.098
2nd: 3.858
3rd: 2.340
4th: 1.422
5th: 1.000
6th: 0.744
Rev: 5.672


For further information contact:

Alex Stewart - Divisional Manager Product Strategy, Marketing & Dealer Development
Hino Motor Sales Australia
T 02 9914 6680
F 02 9540 3554
M 0406 384 126

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The introduction of Hino's ProShift 6 AMT is set to provide operators with significantly reduced fuel and maintenance costs when compared with conventional manual and torque converter type transmissions.

Controlled testing conducted by Hino Motors Japan has shown the Hino ProShift 6 AMT to be around 10 per cent more fuel-efficient than a comparable Hino truck fitted with a conventional torque converter automatic transmission.

In turn, tests conducted using a comparable competing AMT-equipped model showed the ProShift 6 AMT vehicle to be a further 15 per cent more efficient - leading to significant fuel savings alone.

Hino Australia Manager, Product Planning, Daniel Petrovski, said the Hino ProShift AMT's dry plate conventional clutch prevents driveline inefficiencies experienced by competing AMT and torque convertor automatics.

"The fluid coupling (torque converter) fitted to other automated transmissions relies upon the principle of 'oil shear' to provide drive to the transmission," he said.

"As there is no direct mechanical link between the transmission and engine with a fluid coupling there is always the potential for driveline losses.

"The ProShift AMT negates these losses by using a conventional clutch plate, which provides manual transmission-like efficiency.

"As the ProShift's fully automated shifting never misses a gear - preventing unnecessary engine revving and transmission shift lag - fuel economy is actually improved over a manual transmission," he said.

Mr Petrovski said that the fully-automated transmission shifting removed the variable differing driver styles across larger manual-transmission fleets, providing measurable reductions in fuel consumption for fleet operators.

Testing conducted by Hino Japan has estimated the average lifespan of the ProShift 6 clutch to exceed 600,000km when used primarily in urban stop-start conditions.

Hino Australia expects local operators to achieve similar clutch life, especially when operated in outer-urban conditions.

Mr Petrovski said that the fully automated operation of the ProShift 6 transmission means the clutch components are subjected to significantly less wear than conventional manual transmission models.

"Hino's ProShift actuator ensures the transmission never misses a gear when changing, and actually can shift without completely disengaging the clutch each time," he said.

"Each time a friction clutch engages and disengages it wears; by reducing the number of complete 'clutch cycles' Hino engineers have been able to significantly extend clutch life, in some cases by up to 20 per cent.

"Hino's advanced 'EasyStart' hill holder and two-pedal cabin layout also contribute, by completely removing any clutch slip (which accelerates clutch wear) as the vehicle moves off from a standstill.

"ProShift 6 is also serviced at the same intervals as a regular manual transmission, with no additional maintenance required.

"Combined with reduced fuel use and extended clutch life the Hino ProShift 6 can provide significant savings for operators, especially those with multiple vehicles in larger fleets," he said.


For further information contact:

Alex Stewart - Divisional Manager Product Strategy, Marketing & Dealer Development
Hino Motor Sales Australia
T 02 9914 6680
F 02 9540 3554
M 0406 384 126

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In 2011 Hino Australia became the first truck manufacturer in the world to include a digital audio broadcast (DAB+) multimedia unit as standard equipment across its range of trucks.

Hino's state-of-the-art multimedia unit features a large 6.1-inch high-definition touch-screen, DAB+ digital and conventional AM/FM radio receivers, CD and DVD player, USB and SD input, and is Bluetooth™ enabled.

All Hino 300, 500 and 700 Series trucks manufactured from September 2011 onward feature the all-new Australian-designed multimedia unit as factory-fitted standard equipment.

Hino Australia Manager, Product Planning, Daniel Petrovski said the new Hino multimedia unit was designed and engineered in Australia to suit the needs of local owners and operators.

"Hino is very proud of this outstanding new feature," he said.

"A truck's cabin is the primary office for many of our customers, so we began looking for ways to improve the efficiency and safety of their working day.

"Our all-new in-dash double-din multimedia unit is designed to be user-friendly, feature the latest technology and contribute to vehicle safety with the adoption of rear-view sound-enabled infrared cameras and Bluetooth™ technology.

"Not only is this the most advanced multimedia unit ever fitted to a truck, the new Hino unit shames those fitted to the majority of luxury cars," he said.

The all-new Hino multimedia unit has both SD card and USB slots to enable full compatibility with the latest MP3, iPod® and digital devices, and has both front and rear auxiliary inputs.

Up to three Hino rear-vision cameras can be installed and viewed on the screen in a variety of configurations (including viewing all three simultaneously in a split-screen arrangement).

In a world-first for an OEM vehicle manufacturer, the system provides access to both AM/FM radio and the new DAB+ digital radio network being rolled out in major centres around Australia.

This arrangement provides the highest sound quality with consistent signal in all but the most remote locations.

Mr Petrovski said the optional truck-specific satellite navigation system was developed by a team of electrical and software engineers, and will change the way Australian truck drivers navigate.

"The unique Hino navigation system can be tailored to suit each individual truck or load, with the driver being able to input critical data like the truck's height, weight and dangerous goods classification," he said.

"The navigation system then calculates a route that's appropriate, avoiding low bridges, weight-restricted roads and dangerous goods-restricted areas, directing the driver in one of 17 different languages.

"This unit provides drivers with the best available sound quality, driver safety and navigational ability - reinforcing Hino's commitment to our Australian customers," he said.

The new multimedia system is covered by Hino's three-year, bumper-to-bumper nationwide warranty.

Hino multimedia unit key features

- 6.1-inch high-definition colour TFT touch-screen
- Large push buttons and rotary knobs for easy operation
- MP3 compatible CD/DVD player
- Bluetooth™ version 2.0 phone and audio streaming (with voice and one-touch dialling)
- DAB+ digital radio
- AM/FM radio (12 AM and 18 FM preset stations)
- Optional satellite navigation package with 2D or 3D city modelling
- Latest NAVTEQ mapping (with more than 600,000 points of interest and 12.5 million addresses)
- Truck-tailored navigation - including warnings (school zones, traffic cameras, speed alerts)
- Up to three rear-view cameras (optional)
- MP3, WAV, MPEG4, AVI and DIVX compatibility
- Front and rear auxiliary inputs
- SD and USB connection ports
- Full iPod® compatibility
- 800mhz processor
- 512Mb hard-drive memory
- 4 x 40 watt speaker outputs


For further information contact:

Alex Stewart - Divisional Manager Product Strategy, Marketing & Dealer Development
Hino Motor Sales Australia
T 02 9914 6680
F 02 9540 3554
M 0406 384 126

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Hino Australia is taking steps toward improving the safety credentials of all its models with a number of significant upgrades to key 300, 500 and 700 Series trucks.

All Hino trucks are equipped with a life-saving SRS driver airbag as standard equipment and, following the launch of the all-new 300 Series models in September 2011, all new 300 Series trucks have both a driver and passenger SRS airbag.

From January production, Hino 300 Series wide-cabin, 500 Series and 700 Series trucks are factory-fitted with Front Under-run Protection (FUP) as standard equipment.

This outstanding safety device is designed to prevent the front of the truck from running over smaller vehicles in the event of a collision.

As part of a number of technological upgrades, Hino has made its outstanding new multimedia system, complete with DAB+ digital radio, available with optional reversing camera and dedicated truck satellite navigation.

To combat driver fatigue and improve the productivity of the on-road workplace, all Hino 500 and 700 Series models are now equipped with an ISRI air-suspension driver's seat with integrated seat belt as standard equipment.

Now standard across the entire 300 Series range, and available on some 700 Series variants, Hino Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is an active driver assistance package that helps keep the truck on its intended path to avoid accidents.

Hino Australia's Divisional Manager Product Strategy, Marketing and Dealer Development, Alex Stewart, said Hino was committed to tailoring the safety of each Hino model as upgrades became available.

"We're taking all the steps necessary to offer our customers the best value for money when it comes to truck safety," he said.

"The aim is to provide as much built-in safety as possible - without making the cost of the technology prohibitive.

"With more than 200 fatalities on our roads each year involving a truck, we are looking to set a standard that provides a tangible safety benefit well into the future.

"For Hino it's about improving the overall safety of every road user - not just the truck driver," he said.


For further information contact:

Alex Stewart - Divisional Manager Product Strategy, Marketing & Dealer Development
Hino Motor Sales Australia
T 02 9914 6680
F 02 9540 3554
M 0406 384 126

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Hino Motor Sales Australia has recorded strong year-on-year sales growth in the first quarter of 2012, according to official T-Mark figures compiled by peak industry body the Truck Industry Council of Australia.

In the three months to the end of March 2012 Hino delivered 931 light, medium and heavy-duty trucks to Australian customers, representing an increase of 7.5 per cent (or 65 units) over the first three months of 2011.

Hino Australia Divisional Manager Product Strategy, Marketing and Dealer Development, Alex Stewart, said Hino sales were recovering strongly following last year's flood-affected production delays.

"We're extremely encouraged by strong sales of all Hino models recorded across the dealer network in the first quarter of this year," Mr Stewart said.

"In particular, we're seeing demand for our 300 Series light and 500 Series medium duty trucks increase right across the board, capturing segment market share of 20.9 and 27.4 per cent respectively.

"Current strong retail activity across all market segments is driving truck sales incrementally back toward pre-GFC levels, which is encouraging for all manufacturers," he said.

Mr Stewart said Hino began rolling out a number of important updates to its range earlier in the year, including the introduction of FUP (front under-run protection) across its entire range of 300 Series wide-cabin, 500 Series and 700 Series models.

Hino also introduced a number of new automated manual transmission (AMT) 500 Series models - dubbed ProShift - early in 2012, along with significant safety and specification upgrades to the 700 Series.

Mr Stewart said Hino was looking forward to the continuing recovery of the new truck market as 2012 progresses.

"We see 2012 as being the turning point for new truck sales in Australia, following a number of years where sales have been consolidated," he said.

"Although we're only projecting the total market to grow slightly overall, the plan for Hino is to grow our market share across all segments.

"Our line-up of trucks is the strongest its ever been, with a range that now represents some of the safest, best performing, most efficient and comfortable trucks ever built.

"Combined with their inherent durability and reliability, Hino trucks have never represented better value for money for the Australian customer," he said.


For further information contact:

Alex Stewart - Divisional Manager Product Strategy, Marketing & Dealer Development
Hino Motor Sales Australia
T 02 9914 6680
F 02 9540 3554
M 0406 384 126

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The Hino LX 06S manual transmission
Hino 500 Series ProShift 6 AMT shift lever
Hino 500 Series grille
ProShift 6 equipped Hino 500 Series
ProShift 6 equipped Hino 500 Series
Hino ProShift 6 500 Series instrument cluster
All 500 Series models are equipped with FUPS
The Hino J07E five-cylinder engine