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Hino Australia today announced the introduction of an all-new Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) option on a selection of its 500 Series medium-duty truck models.

Dubbed "ProShift 6", the new AMT will initially be available as an option on FC 1022 and FD 1124 500 Series models.

The Hino-designed and manufactured ProShift AMT is one of a number of key improvements Hino is making across its expanding model range this year.

Hino Australia's divisional manager product strategy, marketing and dealer development, Alex Stewart, said the introduction of an AMT further strengthened Hino's diverse range of transmissions across the 500 Series range.

"An increasing number of operators are choosing AMTs over conventional transmissions thanks to their all-round versatility and driveability," he said.

"Hino believes in offering true choice to customers, which is why we've decided to introduce ProShift transmissions in two of our most popular 500 Series models, alongside the existing 500 Series range of manual and fully automatic models.

"In this case, the 500 Series ProShift 6 is a six-speed version of Hino's own AMT and is perfectly suited to the needs of truck owners in the medium duty class.

"This transmission features state-of-the-art electronic control for swift gear changing and is a true, two-pedal, easy-to-drive vehicle.

"The introduction of the ProShift 6 in the 500 Series means Hino offers AMT models in all three truck categories - the ProShift 5 is fitted to Hino 300 Hybrid, while ProShift 16 AMTs feature on 700 Series models," he said.

In addition to the mechanical upgrade, All Hino FD 1124 models are now rated at 11-tonne gross vehicle mass (GVM), up from the previous 10.4-tonne rating.

Mr Stewart said the new Hino AMT models could deliver significant fuel savings for operators under certain circumstances.

"Hino engineers have tailored the shift points of the ProShift 6 transmission to maximise the use of effective engine torque at all times, increasing fuel efficiency and driveability.

"This transmission has been optimised for use in Australian conditions following an extensive development program that relied on the input of local testing.

"Shift points, final drive ratios and up-rated oil capacities to provide cooling in high-temperature climates are just a few of the modifications made on Australian models," Mr Stewart said.

"Having been proven in the Japanese domestic market for more than 10 years, we feel Australian operators will be pleasantly surprised by the benefits ProShift models can provide."

ProShift AMTs will progressively become available across the Hino model range over the next few years.

ProShift 6 AMT specifications

Model: CS-350 series
Type: Dry single plate with damper springs
Facing material: Moulded (non-asbestos)
Facing outside diameter: 350mm
Control: Hydraulic with air booster controlled by transmission

ProShift 6 Automated Manual Transmission
Model: LX06S Overdrive
Type: Six forward and one reverse speeds, synchromesh on 2nd to 6th
Control: Electronic
Rear axle gear ratio: 4.625:1
1st: 6.098
2nd: 3.858
3rd: 2.340
4th: 1.422
5th: 1.000
6th: 0.744
Rev: 5.672


For further information contact:

Paul Tuffy
National Marketing Manager
Hino Australia
T: 02 9914 6666
F: 02 9540 3554

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Hino Australia is taking steps toward improving the safety credentials of all its models with a number of significant upgrades to key 300, 500 and 700 Series trucks.

All Hino trucks are equipped with a life-saving SRS driver airbag as standard equipment and, following the launch of the all-new 300 Series models in September 2011, all new 300 series have both a driver and passenger SRS airbag.

From January production, Hino 300 Series wide-cabin, 500 Series and 700 Series trucks are factory-fitted with Front Under-run Protection (FUP) as standard equipment.

This outstanding safety device is designed to prevent the front of the truck from running over smaller vehicles in the event of a collision.

As part of a number of technological upgrades, Hino has made its outstanding new multimedia system, complete with DAB+ digital radio, available with optional reversing camera and dedicated truck satellite navigation.

To combat driver fatigue and improve the productivity of the on-road workplace, all Hino 500 and 700 Series models are now equipped with an ISRI air-suspension driver seat with integrated seat belt as standard equipment.

Now standard across the entire 300 Series range, and available on some 700 Series variants, Hino Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is an active driver assistance package that helps keep the truck on its intended path to avoid accidents.

Hino Australia's divisional manager product strategy, marketing and dealer development, Alex Stewart, said Hino was committed to tailoring the safety of each Hino model as upgrades became available.

"We're taking all the steps necessary to offer our customers the best value for money when it comes to truck safety," he said.

"The aim is to provide as much built-in safety as possible - without making the cost of the technology prohibitive.

"With more than 200 fatalities on our roads each year involving a truck, we are looking to set a standard that provides a tangible safety benefit well into the future.

"For Hino it's about improving the overall safety of every road user - not just the truck driver," he said.


For further information contact:

Paul Tuffy
National Marketing Manager
Hino Australia
T: 02 9914 6666
F: 02 9540 3554

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Drivers have praised the all-round functionality and safety of Hino's groundbreaking in-dash multimedia unit, according to Hino Australia.

Hino become the first truck manufacturer in the world to include a DAB+ digital radio broadcast multimedia unit as standard equipment across its range of Australian trucks in late 2011.

Hino's state-of-the-art multimedia unit features a large 6.1-inch high-definition touch-screen, DAB+ digital and conventional AM/FM radio receivers, CD and DVD player, USB and SD input, and is Bluetooth™ enabled.

All Hino 300, 500 and 700 Series trucks manufactured from September 2011 onwards feature the all-new Australian-designed multimedia unit as factory-fitted, standard equipment.

Hino Australia product planning manager Daniel Petrovski said the new Hino multimedia unit was designed and engineered in Australia to suit the needs of local owners and operators.

"In the past few months we've received extremely positive feedback from drivers and owners right around the country," he said.

"Our multimedia unit has been well received by new-truck buyers; we've actually seen strong demand for the accessory from owners of existing Hino models.

"In fact, our multimedia system can be fitted to any Hino that has a double-din space in the dash, replacing the existing factory radio.

"Not only is this the most advanced multimedia unit ever fitted to a truck; the new Hino unit shames those fitted to the majority of luxury cars," he said.

Owners have praised Hino for providing a system that can accommodate up to three rear-vision cameras that can be installed and viewed on the screen in a variety of configurations (including viewing all three simultaneously in a split-screen arrangement).

In a world-first for an OEM vehicle manufacturer, the system provides access to both AM/FM radio and the new DAB+ digital radio network that is currently being rolled out in major centres across Australia.

This arrangement provides the highest sound quality with consistent signal in all but the most remote locations.

Mr Petrovski said the optional truck-specific satellite navigation system that works in conjunction with the multimedia system had also won over new truck buyers.

"The unique Hino navigation system can be tailored to suit each individual truck or load, with the driver being able to input critical data like the truck's height, weight and dangerous goods classification," he said.

"The navigation system then calculates an appropriate route, avoiding low bridges, weight-restricted roads and dangerous goods-restricted areas while directing the driver in one of 17 different languages."

The new multimedia system is covered by Hino's three-year, bumper-to-bumper nationwide warranty.

Hino multimedia unit key features
• 6.1-inch high-definition colour TFT touch-screen
• Large push buttons and rotary knobs for easy operation
• MP3-compatible CD/DVD player
• Bluetooth™ version 2.0 phone and audio streaming (with voice and one-touch dialling)
• DAB+ digital radio
• AM/FM radio (12 AM and 18 FM preset stations)
• Optional satellite navigation package with 2D or 3D city modelling
• Latest NAVTEQ mapping (with more than 600,000 points of interest and 12.5 million addresses)
• Truck-tailored navigation - including warnings (school zones, traffic cameras, speed alerts)
• Up to three rear-view cameras (optional)
• MP3, WAV, MPEG4, AVI and DIVX compatibility
• Front and rear auxiliary inputs
• SD and USB connection ports
• Full iPod® compatibility
• 800mhz processor
• 512Mb hard-drive memory
• 4 x 40 watt speaker outputs


For further information contact:

Paul Tuffy
National Marketing Manager
Hino Australia
T: 02 9914 6666
F: 02 9540 3554

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Hino Australia has announced further upgrades to its range of 700 Series heavy duty models to deliver what the company says is the safest Japanese heavy duty truck on the market.

Known as the "Safety Truck", The Hino "SH" 700 Series variant has been optioned with the latest accident-avoidance hardware for maximum occupant and road-user safety, according to Hino Australia's divisional manager product strategy, marketing and dealer development, Alex Stewart.

"The upgrades we've made to the 700 Series range are a direct result of the feedback we have received from customers right around the country," he said.

"For some time buyers in the heavy-duty market have been looking for a 4x2 prime mover that combines Japanese reliability with European safety standards.

"Hino's 700 Series SH model is that truck."

The SH 2045 700 Series is equipped with world-class safety features, including Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), ABS four-wheel disc brakes that work in alliance with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Electronic Braking System (EBS), and an advanced Anti-Skid Regulator (ASR).

These items are fitted in addition to a driver's SRS airbag and Front Under-run Protection (FUP), both of which are standard equipment on all Hino 700 Series models.
Mr Stewart said the SH model represented outstanding value for money compared with its category rivals.

"As far as truck safety equipment and specification is concerned, we really see the SH as being the big brother to our recently updated 300 Series range - providing safety, performance, efficiency and all-round comfort," he said.

"Hino's own four-airbag suspension with remote height control provides outstanding ride comfort and load handling ability, while the ProShift 16 AMT, standard with the highly efficient brake 'Intarder', takes the grind out of everyday driving.

"The Euro 5-compliant E13C 13-litre engine is supremely efficient; rated at 331kW and renowned the world over for its long-term durability.

"Throw in Hino's modern cabin, ISRI driver's suspension seat with integrated seatbelt and standard multimedia unit, and you've got a complete package.

"The SH is a truck truly designed around the operator - both from a driving and ownership perspective," Mr Stewart said.


For further information contact:

Paul Tuffy
National Marketing Manager
Hino Australia
T: 02 9914 6666
F: 02 9540 3554

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Hino has responded to the requirements of specialist heavy-duty truck buyers in Australia by developing a specific 8x4 twin steer version of its 700 Series model.

The new FY 3248 700 Series was developed using the input of local customers and engineers, and is now available with specialist load-sharing front axles and either spring or airbag rear suspension.

Hino Australia's divisional manager product strategy, marketing and dealer development, Alex Stewart, said the release of the FY satisfied the requests of customers who were importing second-hand overseas models to fill a void in the local marketplace.

"The FY is a specialist truck for specialist applications," he said.

"Many quarrying, specialist and heavy-duty waste operators have been looking for a vehicle that can handle the demands of such industries - meaning it also needs to reliable and dependable.

"The FY features all the usual 700 Series specification, such as an uprated 353kW 13-litre E13C Euro 5 engine, with either the ProShift 16 AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) or 18-speed Eaton manual."

Mr Stewart said Hino had worked over the past two years to renew the specification of a number of key models in Australia, providing customers with greater choice.

"Hino Australia sees this new model as a shining example of our ability to tailor trucks to the individual needs of customers and specific industries," he said.

"The FY complements a number of industry-specific trucks, like our dual-control 500 Series models used by the waste-collection industry and as road sweepers, and the 'Built to Go' range of 300 and 500 Series trucks for use by general trade and civil customers.

"Hino believes strongly in the quality, durability and reliability of our trucks - and these specialist models are no exception," Mr Stewart said.


For further information contact:

Paul Tuffy
National Marketing Manager
Hino Australia
T: 02 9914 6666
F: 02 9540 3554

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Hino's class-leading multimedia unit is fitted as standard to all models. It features DAB+ digital radio, and can be optioned to include a truck specific satellite navigation system, and up to three rear-vision cameras
Demand for the new Hino 300 Series Hybrid is strong following the model's launch in September 2011
Hino 300 Series wide cabin model
Front Under-run Protection is standard equipment on all Hino 300 (wide cabin), 500 and 700 Series trucks
Hino FUP is fitted behind the standard bumper bar and is intended to prevent a passenger vehicle becoming trapped under the front of the truck in a frontal collision.
The Hino 500 Series GT 4x4 is a fire-fighter's favourite
The Hino 500 Series is renowned for its reliability and dependability
Hino continues to break records at the gruelling Dakar rally. 2012 marked the 21st consecutive occasion Hino entered and finished the race (a Dakar record), and saw Team Sugawara claim its 12th under 10-litre category title.
The ProShift 16 AMT is available on selected Hino 700 Series Models
Hino 700 Series Prime Mover
Hino 700 Series SS 2848 in B Double configuration